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A New Order - The book of fay’s tree

It is said that Fay gave life by her own hand. Upon the runes, she carved the tree where each woman came into life, each one the ruler of individual worlds, displayed like fruit on its branches. 

In an attempt to find balance Fay inspired each of them to follow a pure path, one of great divinity and strength. To find their counterparts in this quest across planes of time, presented to them on altars and sigils, solar flares and stardust were spun into threads and woven into their roots. Guided by her hand they each found strength to prevail, strength of their own. A power of sorts to fulfil their given path.

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A New Order is the beating rhythm of Hida waging into war. A New Order is the death knell of Lili thundering through the night. A New Order is the connection we all hold with Fay’s hands, breathing life in to everything.

I present you with A New Order

A New Order is an artistic exploration of magic, intrigue and divinity. An imagined world formed from a passion for compelling story and imagery. Fay’s Tree, the first instalment in the series, takes you on a journey through creation from the very beginning. It is the story of Fay’s visions. How Fay summoned great power, and from that created the stars that provided the foundations for life.


A New Order started with no real direction. I found enjoyment through painting female characters in my spare time as an escape from everyday life. Some early paintings had no strong concept or idea behind them, just a means to an end. I pulled inspiration from my peers, nature, mythology and some of my experiences to create each art piece that explored a single idea through symbolism.

I have toyed with the idea of turning the paintings in to a book that included poetry. Until recently I was not sure how to tie them all together, until I woke one night in the early hours and begun typing ideas into my phone. Soon I found myself sat in front of the computer spending more time writing than I was painting, until the name hit me and with that came the lore behind A New Order.

Simply put, this series is a celebration of women. It is a combination of my love for nature and astronomy with mythology, folklore and history as well as storytelling and compelling artwork.

Each character to date tells the story of Fay’s Tree, the creation of life, and how this world came to exist