Jack Baker Art



Our Story...

Jack Baker has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Always one of the misfits at school he was frequently told off for drawing Warhammer characters in his school books.

Jack’s early inspiration came from the White Dwarf magazines and he is now inspired by the likes of Magic the Gathering, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and other notable artists in his field of work. 

He has a huge passion for creating fantasy art and is so dedicated to this creative process that he can often be found in front of his graphics tablet in the very small hours!

Jack has a passion for all things magical, weird and fantastical, which can be seen throughout the artwork. As well as his love for story and intrigue. Often creating strong female characters applied with themes of nature, astronomy and fantasy.

Jack has melded his love for nature and astronomy with his love of painting women, creating a series of images that speak to him on a personal level. 

Having a daughter, Jack believes it is important for women to have a voice and be able to be an individual. She is an inspiration to him, and has a great influence on his art.