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the h0peful

Fay’s first child fell to the temptations of evil. To Fay this came as great shock, for all whom she had under her wing she blessed with an aura of good. While being a divine being, Fay is not perfect. Like everyone she has her flaws, and while some may try to cover these, Fay wears them on her sleeve for all to see without shame.


Loss was a heavy burden to bear, and instead of turning to anger and revenge Fay embraced her good nature. Fay took part of herself and moulded that into an exact clone of her lost child and named her Amara.


Amara lay down, weak and vulnerable. She surfaced from Fay’s Tree as a representation of hope for all that have felt loss. She was a guiding beacon for those left behind and she wore the loss of others to spare those before her the hurt.


This took a heavy toll on her. She was weak, none mobile and ill of mind, yet she persevered for this was her calling  and she refused to bring dishonour to the order.

Amara, Lady of Loss

Distant memories of her, a distilled romance drained from cold blue eyes, rolling down soft pale cheeks. Once warm and alive now dead inside. Falling like rain turned to hail, twisting and contorting, fading into pools of stars.

Shades of love trapped within a single tear, camouflaged by hate, compelled by loss.

Forever gone

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