Jack Baker Art as a family led brand

Jack Baker Art Logo

I have been going through some changes recently of how I run my business, and the direction I want to take it in. My wife's recent changes of circumstances has led us to combining forces to grow as a business and reinvent the brand we want to portray. My original focus being purely on client work, pushing my personal projects aside. 

Now we want to put an equal amount of focus into the indie art side of things, under the brand Jack Baker Art, as well as the freelance side. Because my wife has taken over admin and marketing responsibilities, it has freed up a lot of time for my personal work. Over the last two months I have produced many sketches as well as four finished fantasy art pieces. Oh and a lot of failed pieces too! 

Because of this free time I am able to make the art that I want to make and explore my interests and personal feelings through that art. I am able to have a fully running shop, selling art prints and merch.

For that, I want to thank my wife, because I couldn't do any of this without her support.