Painting Strong Female Characters 


Creating stories is a passion of mine, although I am not much of a writer. Instead I use compelling imagery and visuals to tell my story. Each painting in the series explores a single idea through symbolism with the running theme of strong female characters.


Simply put, this series is a celebration of women in all variations. It is a combination of my love for nature and astronomy with mythology, folklore and history.


It all started when I set aside some time to work on my portfolio. I was painting characters, and noticed I got most enjoyment out of painting female characters. I continued with that idea and started bringing in different themes and symbolism.


I believe it is important for women to have a voice and to be an individual.. My daughter and wife are both an inspiration to me and my art in this series.


By next year I hope to release a full art book including sketches, alternate versions of each of the characters and poetry through kickstarter. Until then prints are available in our store. You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs as well as get it shipped right to your door anywhere in the world.  You have the power to bring this project to life by buying from us 


Learn more about the different characters below

I will keep adding to this as more are released


Moon Carvings Strong Female Character

Moon Carvings

The moon's glow illuminates her every curve,

A surprising softness in the dead of night.

Her hand is steady as she traces the shape of the new moon,

The crescent, the symbol of her faith.

She bathes in it's glory, feels it's presence in her womb,

She worships the spirit of the lunar goddesses, their blissful existence.

And thus she is reminded that all women possess this same spirit.

Kennis Strong Female Character


Kennis is the embodiment of knowledge. 


The owl is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. Kennis, woman of the owl, has the ability to see what's usually hidden to most. The spirit of the owl guides her, she can see the true reality, beyond illusion and deceit. The owl also offers the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.



Abuto Strong Female Character



Lady of disguise. The name Abuto is an African Girls name, meaning 'I have hidden'. The reason I chose this name was because, whilst I didn't have a clear idea for the piece, it struck me part way through that I wanted to make her the lady of disguise and secrecy. So the name fits well for me.

Lili Strong Female Character


In this world, Lili is the representation of Death, symbolised by the white lily, white dress and the skull. 


The death knell rings out across the silent sea,

She waits with baited breath - her lust palpable on the mourning breeze.

'Come my child' she beckons, seizing her victim's final breath,

Her strength renewed as a sickly sweet scent chokes the air.

Satiated she returns to rest, but she does not sleep,

For Death is tasked to visit us all, and all she must reap.

Ena Strong female Character


She is the lady of grandeur. However, it is unsure whether this women is representative of true grandeur, or delusions of grandeur. What I do know is here name comes from a Princess name Ena who later in life became the Queen of Spain. 

Ravn Strong Female Character Art.jpg


Lady of Conspiracy

Ashna & Aurora, Twins of Change

Ashna & Aurora

The Twins of change and the past and present