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Ashna & Aurora, Twins of Change

The clouds soar from unknown places Roaming into unseen lands

The stars are ghosts from ancient times

We stand upon the precipice And whisper From the shades of slanted grey

Our eyes look out of the abyss

And into the firmament, over rock And into hill, grass to dust, to bursting seed

To height of life, rising cities, falling ruins, stories of the elders

Through to younger minds, we walk in every text

The world unending passing by

And all we ever find

The business of motion, a thousand swirling lights In the blinking of an eye, and then a song to rest

And the quiet midnight sky

We turn our forms, one comes, one goes

We walk in neverending time

The rhythm of our movements entwined

Like the snake that coils round our shoulders

Weaving through the thoughts of ages

Dust sweeps on

- Zac Leon

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