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Ravn, Lady of Conspiracy

None can see my secret will It is woven in the unseen world

In dusky hearts of grassy roots

In marshes by the foggy mire In the patterns of the stars In the flight paths of crows

Across the grey unending sand

Of night, bracken paths

Like spectres in the lines of age 

The words behind the madness

That whispers in all things I have spun a golden ratio

And wrapped it in the threads of chaos

Figures, numerals and language

Kaleidoscopes and mirrored machinations

Symbols in the corners of culture

And landscape, and nations

A thickly patterned shroud I have walked about in dreamtime

Empty halls by velvet curtains

Candle light in moonlit streets

Cats in the weeds are prowling

I am round the furthest corner

Never to be found

Ready for flight

- Zac Leon

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