Moon Carvings fantasy illustration

The Mother

Thea’s fruit fell first creating a small ripple in the ocean, and with her the moon shone. A residing sound of hope and new life. A beacon of liquid gold as the clouds parted and let her light through. Turning tides against themselves, the glow of her crescent illuminated every jagged edge of the quake that ensued. 

'Moon Carvings' A3 print

An A3 (11.7" x 16.5") print featuring my illustration 'Moon Carvings'.

Beautifully printed on a 300gsm white matte board with a smooth matte finish.

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Thea, Lady of the Moon

The moon's glow illuminates her every curve,

A surprising softness in the dead of night.

Her hand is steady as she traces the shape of the new moon,

The crescent, the symbol of her faith.

She bathes in it's glory, feels it's presence in her womb,

She worships the spirit of the lunar goddesses, their blissful existence.

And thus she is reminded that all women possess this same spirit.

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